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Over Hauling And Servicing On Site

AKTPL team along with state of the art equipment, provide transformer maintenance service from coast to coast. Transformer maintenance and proper installation of your new power transormers is critical for insuring the extended life of your transformer. AK Transcharger leads the industry for the installation and maintenance of Substation, Power and Generator Step-Up transformers.

In addition to the assembly of new transformers, our transformer services include :

  hot oil reclamation   hot oil vacuum filling   regasketing
  retrofilling   degassing   bushing replacement
  reinhibiting   dehydration   radiator replacement
  oil sampling and testing   electrical acceptance testing   welding repair
AK Transcharger performs transformer hot oil reclamation, processing mineral oil on energized transformers to prolong the life of non-PCB transformers. By performing the hot oil reclamation energized, the process does a better job of reclaiming oil, degassing, removing moisture, sludge and other harmful contaminants from the oil and the transformer. Thus, the AKTPL reclamation process will not only reclaim the oil, but it will also clean and dehydrate the transformer. In addition, since the transformer is energized, the customer does not have the expense from unnecessary outages or temporary mobile substation installations.

AKTPL works with various transformer manufacturers and our skilled, experienced technicians install, assemble and vacuum-fill new and rebuilt transformers throughout the United States. During the transformer installation, AKTPL will also perform the electrical acceptance testing. Likewise, AKTPL will also perform electrical testing on in-service transformers that require diagnostic troubleshooting to determine the problem.


Below process depends on work order, price and type of transformer.
Overhauling of all rated Transformer includes following scope of work.
  • Overhauling of Transformer in all respect with men & materials and as per the direction of E-I-C.
  • Testing of Transformer for IR Value, Oil BDV and Water content i.e. ppm measurement prior to oil draining.
  • Transformer oil draining. Arrangement for required capacity temporary oil storage tank shall be in vendor’s scope only.
  • Visual inspection of the active part after un-tanking the core-coil assembly. Required rated hydra, crane shall be in customer scope.
  • Cleaning & washing of core-coil assembly with hot oil jet to remove sludge & other foreign particles deposited over core and winding as well as bottom of the tank. Providing spacers, to the winding if required and tightening all the fasteners which might have loosened due to axial shrinkage.
  • Supply & preparing as well as replacement of all the oil sealing gaskets made of rubberized cork sheet conforming to grade RC-90C TR-9 for use in transformer oil.
  • Replacement of explosion vent diaphragm including supply.
  • Flushing of radiators by oil & through cleaning of radiator body & all accessories.
  • Checking/servicing/calibration of Buchholz relay, OSR, MOG, OTI/WTI for healthiness and attending for defect if any, including replacement of the gaskets including Maintenance & operation checking of tap changer.
  • Tanking of core-coil assembly after tightening of tie rods, core stud and other clamping hardware, blanking all the opening for vacuum pulling.
  • Draying out of the active part/core-coil assembly with hot oil circulation/spraying method under vacuum/filtration method. The hot oil circulator should have sufficient heating capacity and should be designed to circulate oil under vacuum.
  • Vacuum pulling in the tank with suitable capacity of vacuum pump for taking out moisture from the windings.
  • Oil filling & filtration till desired BDV, PPM is achieved. i.e. filling of oil shall be done under vacuum and carryout filtration to achieve BDV greater than 60 KV and moisture content below 15 ppm. Supply of new transformer oil shall be in customer scope.
  • Supply & Painting of transformer with its accessories including bus duct up to panel end using synthetic enamel paint shade no. 631 as per IS-5.
  • Testing of transformer for routine tests as per IS-2026 such as Magnetic Balance test, IR value check (before and after the work), Voltage ratio test, OTI/WTI & Buchholz operations, open circuit & short circuit at LV only.
  • C & Tan delta and PD testing of all bushing and Winding. (To be carried out by NABL accredited testing LAB only).
  • Disconnection of transformer HV/LV terminations & all control connections for overhauling job and re-connections after completion of overhauling work.
  • All the sundry materials & consumables required for carrying out the complete job shall be in the vendor’s scope only.

Our Site Services Department offers service to customers to provide site supervision and technical assistance for Transformer and related equipments.

Future Transformer Industries’ Site Services Department is responsible for the preparation and execution of the services that the company provides on-site contracts. This broad function ranges from supplying an entire site crew to perform the commissioning, testing task when Transformers are being at site. Engineer to oversee all tasks connected with a Transformer.

Our Site Services Department also provides service when customers Transformers immediate break down. The Department will provide all the technical assistance on-site as well as observe the installation quality to ensure that it complies with our standards.
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